Post-COVID Recovery

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Everyone either has experienced the virus, know someone who has or will be impacted by general deconditioning.

According to the CDC, older adults and people of any age who have serious underlying medical conditions might be at higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19 and long term complications. Additionally, aging adults, especially those with comorbidities and chronic disease, have been affected by the cycle of inactivity due to social distancing measures.

For people of all ages, COVID-19 has limited the ability to participate in regular physical activity, resulting in: deconditioning, increased effects of chronic disease, and reduced functional capacity.

Body Gears is focused on one thing during this health care crisis, and that is getting everyone back to their normal life in the safest way possible.

Post-COVID Recovery Programs at Body Gears

Coronavirus is affecting many Americans, whether directly through contracting the virus or indirectly through the effects from inactivity and social distancing. That’s why we have invested in developing and implementing two new programs for: Post-Acute COVID Recovery and Deconditioning.

Post-Acute COVID Recovery: Symptoms of COVID-19 range from mild to severe, with approximately 80% of the cases affecting the upper respiratory system. Patients that have been discharged from a hospital and are continuing their recovery at home may still have difficulty breathing, fatigue easily, and experience pain and weakness which can lead to decreased quality of life and possible long-term implications. Furthermore, research suggests survivors may be at higher risk for future heart and kidney disease or stroke.

Although long term implications of the virus have yet to be determined, based on the impact from acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), it’s extremely important to establish early intervention exercise and recovery programs to mitigate risk. Associated impairments include: decreased lung function, physical function, strength and emotional well-being.

Deconditioning: In addition to post-acute COVID recovery, Body Gears’ clinicians can address the needs of patients that are affected by inactivity and deconditioning. Due to stay in place orders, social distancing, and decreased ability to seek preventative and maintenance services, patients with chronic disease have not been able to effectively manage symptoms. This has resulted in decreased strength and aerobic capacity.

Others may experience increased symptoms of chronic disease due to stress and inactivity, thus putting individuals at a higher risk for falls, pain, depression and decreased quality of life.

Our recovery programs are designed to address essential functions to get back to our normal work, social and recreational activities as well as prevent long term consequences.

Why is Post-COVID Recovery so Important?

Patients that are hospitalized receive limited therapy services, with the primary goal to maintain mobility. Upon discharge, post-COVID-19 patients continue to require certain skilled services that address decreased endurance and fatigue, pain, muscle wasting and depression. Such systems review include services geared with an eye on pulmonary function and oxygen saturation rates, rate of perceived exertion, breathing patterns, gait speed and tolerance to activity.

There is also strong evidence, as sited by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, to support that physical activity improves or maintains cardio respiratory and muscular fitness, bone and functional health, and reduces the risk of chronic diseases, depression and cognitive decline.

Our Goal is to Break the Cycle of Inactivity

Post-acute COVID-19 Exercise and Recovery Programs at Body Gears are designed according to the needs of each patient to provide the expertise required to return patients to previous home, work and social roles. Our licensed clinicians are able to discuss the best care pathway for patients based on their impairments and functional capacity.

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