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Wiggle Room

Giving birth can be the most memorable day of a woman’s life. We want those memories to be positive for you. At Body Gears, our therapists are committed to helping women achieve a natural labor by preparing your body through the creatively named “Wiggle Room Program”. This program includes not only skilled Functional Manual Therapy® interventions, but also instruction in a home exercises for labor prep such as functional and full squatting, “frog” stretch, and pelvic mobility and control exercises.  Body Gears therapists are adept at treating painful pregnancy and providing post-natal care to mothers experiencing common post-partum challenges such as SI joint pain, low back pain, pelvic or abdominal pain, diastasis recti (separation of abdominal muscles), and incontinence.

Pregnant Couple At Home Relaxing On Sofa Together

Couple choosing the ideal color for their baby

Why is Wiggle Room important?

One common concern in pregnant women is the perineal tear. Perineal stretching to avoid tears is truly just scratching the surface of available treatment options.  The muscles of the pelvic floor (from superficial to deeper layers) also  need to lengthen in order to allow for the baby’s head to move through from the top to the bottom of the birth canal.  Perineal stretching only affects a very small portion of these muscles and can easily be done at home.  As Functional Manual Therapists®, we take this a step further and address the muscles typically missed.  Once we have successfully worked on the muscles, we are then able to teach the mom-to-be how to follow up with these techniques herself (or with a partner) at home. The Wiggle Room is also important to discover joint mobility dysfunctions that are often unknown to the patient and effect the body’s alignment and efficient muscular positioning for best labor success.  By doing this, we take a 3 dimensional approach to the plethora of joints that effect the baby’s descent to facilitate the easiest birth canal passage to allow a baby to pass through with minimal resistance and therefore minimal soft tissue and joint damage.

Body Gears Physical Therapy is also unique in that we have great working relationships with a number of midwife groups and are familiar with a variety of methods to encourage natural childbirth.

We want to help you, so please call us at 877-709-1090 to discuss any or all aspects of this program with one of our dedicated Therapists that specialize in these specific procedures.  We welcome any questions you may have and or just the opportunity to talk through these techniques in greater detail.

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