Performance Therapy

At BodyGears Physical Therapy, we take a holistic approach to assessing and improving your athletic performance. Many times, athletes may experience pain at a certain joint, such as the knee, while the true driver of that pain may actually be elsewhere in the body. Seeking treatment focused only the painful joint might help initially, but it is not going to fix the other dysfunctions we often find during our extensive Functional Manual Therapy™ Initial Evaluation. It is vital that your joints have an unrestricted range of motion and the right muscles are firing at the right time so that your body operates as one well-oiled machine.

How can physical therapy improve your performance?

At Body Gears, we complete a comprehensive assessment, investigating everything from basic range of motion measurements to highly specific motor control aspects. A complete postural assessment will be performed in sitting, standing, and any positions that you need to be able to get into for sport. Then, your walking, running, or cycling pattern will be thoroughly analyzed in order to identify inefficiencies and the key structures that need to be addressed.

With this analysis, our physical therapists will clearly pinpoint your specific joints, soft tissues, neural, and visceral dysfunctions in order to formulate a manual therapy and exercise program. Whether you have a mechanical, neuromuscular, motor control problem, or all of the above, your performance enhancement plan will be individualized to you and your sport.

Performance Therapy Performance Therapy

We’ll not only fix your current complaint but help you prevent future injuries from occurring (or old injuries from re-occurring!). Whether you want to increase your running mileage, master a yoga pose, or win a gold medal, performance enhancement therapy at Body Gears will ensure you’re set-up for success.

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